Best Opportunities to Earn Smart Money in Coronavirus Crisis

It’s a bitter truth that Coronavirus has become a disaster for someone and also a boon for someone. But the condition of economy is in critical situation. Coronavirus pandemic is not a problem of 1 month or 1 year. It will remain here for some years but will get reduce gradually once after a vaccine will be launched in market. Now, the important question here is what are the best opportunities to earn smart money in this Coronavirus crisis.
The impact of Coronavirus has changed the way of doing business. With this change, we have to change our mindset also to move in a right direction to get effective results. So, here are the following 10 best opportunities to earn smart money in this Coronavirus crisis –

1. Healthcare Products

We are all aware that only medicine shops and grocery stores were opened in the lockdown because these are the essential things on which people are dependent. You might be thinking that it has been late now to start it. You are partially right but you have forgot that corona is a pandemic and it is not going to end in months or 1 year. People have to adapt themselves to work amid corona spread for their livelihood while taking some precautions like wearing mask and using sanitiser. The cleaning and hygiene based product business will boom in coming years.

2. Fitness & Yoga Trainer

Now, people are completely aware the importance of health and immunity system of body amid Covid-19 spread, so people are showing great interest towards fitness. If you have a good knowledge of yoga and exercises, you can work as a Personal trainer and can also open your own fitness centre to grab this opportunity. This is one of the best opportunities to earn smart money. The most interesting thing is that the trainer makes himself fit while training others. Trust me friends, people are already earning a good money while working as a fitness trainer.

Importance of Best Smart Money Management

3. E-commerce and Door-shipping Business

I hope you will be completely agree with this. You may have been experiencing that people are now avoiding to buy products offline in the fear of spreading corona. E-commerce and online business platforms are emerging with a good demand of online orders. Logistics and Door-shipping works are the backbone of e-commerce. It also works parallel to E-commerce platforms. You can start door-shipping business in a local area by promoting your brand through advertisements or by getting franchise of big companies.

4. Import Export Business

There is no doubt that China is the leader in manufacturing sector. But after the Corona pandemic, the tensions are escalating between China and other Countries regarding trade deals. USA is planning to increase tariffs again over the imports from China. European countries are also mulling to make some restrictions. The alternative is India because of cheap and good manpower. Indian government has already reduced corporate tax from 30% to 22%. It is also supporting exporters and further making changes in FDI to make the path easy for foreign companies to setup their business in India. So, it’s a good time to enter in this segment.

5. Mobile Apps & Website Development

With the rise of online demand and supply, the medium used for this is a website or an app. Coronavirus has changed the way of doing business. Now, companies are planning to have their online presence to deal with their clients. It will reduce their expense and make work easy. It need not to be an expert of developing mobile apps and websites but just only needs understanding of some technical terms used in it. If you get a client, you can hire suitable freelancers in your team for contract basis.

6. Digital Marketing

Only building a website is not sufficient to get good results from it. Your website must come on first page and good if it ranks top in the first page. 99% users don’t move to second page of Google search page. For this, companies need digital marketing agencies or freelancers to improve the ranking their website on google and also need good reach on some social media platforms. There are many platforms where you can learn digital marketing free of cost like Coursera, Udemy, Youtube etc. It is also one of the great opportunities to earn smart money.

7. Freelancing

Sometimes, companies get an order of project for which they have to hire resource for certain period of time only. So, they hire freelancers and small agencies to get the work done. If you have any skills such as sketching, voice-over, designing, programming, teaching etc. you can register yourself at these websites – Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr etc to get freelancing projects according to your skills.

8. Organic Food Business

Organic food business has a bright outlook in coming years. People are now shifting their attention towards organic foods. No matter that they are costly. If you can convince and win the trust of people giving right organic foods to them, you can earn a good money.

9. Dairy products

Evergreen and never ending business with a wide range of products, you can make a good career in the dairy product business. Government is supporting this sector through Mudra Yojna and MSME because of good demand and future. Milk, paneer, curd, ghee and cheese are always have good consumption in India. You can start it with MSME loan provided by government.

10. Broadband Services

With a big demand of internet users due to Covid-19, there is much more space to grow in this sector. To start business in broadband services, you start at a small scale by getting ISP licence or working as a sales agent whichever you feel suitable.

11. Packaging Industry

People are now giving more priority to packaged food items even it is more expensive to unpackaged food items. But before setting up machinery in any business, always work as a freelancer to get some knowledge regarding that business.

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